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Embark on your home design journey with a personalized consultation designed to discover your vision for a dream home. During this step, we delve deep into your preferences and needs, guiding you through an insightful exploration of your desires and aspirations. Feel free to ask questions as we tailor our approach to bring your unique ideas to life.


Elevate your home design experience with our multi-award-winning design expertise, specializing in both new builds and renovations. Our commitment to excellence ensures a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. As part of this step, we leverage cutting-edge 3D renders to provide a vivid preview of your envisioned space. This allows you to make informed decisions and visualize the final result with clarity, considering design principles, spatial relationships, budget constraints, and sustainability.

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Transition seamlessly from design to construction with our expert guidance. In this step, we utilize the meticulously crafted plans to obtain detailed quotes from trusted builders. We assist you throughout the quoting process, providing valuable insights and facilitating communication between you and the builders. While we don't exclusively partner with builders, our strong ties with Perth and West Australian-owned, multi-award-winning builders ensure a well-designed home and a quality build. Let us guide you through this comprehensive process, turning your dream home into reality with ease.


We are Sarandis Design & Build and we provide a boutique design experience and building service in Perth, Western Australia. Our focus is to design bespoke spaces for the inspired individual. Our services include Architectural Building Design, 3D Digital Visualizations & Interior Design.

We are strong believers that one's building budget shouldn't dictate the importance of a well thought out home design. Through our experience of designing display homes for some of Perth's biggest building companies, we have learnt the craft of how to work within a budget whilst still considering the impact of the design.

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