our services.

Building Design Services

Forming the foundation of a project, building designs are at the heart of what we do. Our 10 years of experience across the Perth metropolitan area enable us to offer exceptional and impressive building design services that never cease to amaze.

We work with you to produce a stylish building design that blends a mixture of your personal style and taste with our fresh, new design perspectives.

Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

We recognise that kitchens and bathrooms are the most essential and important spaces in your home. At Sarandis, we integrate all aspects of your unique vision to create high-quality and elegant kitchen and bathroom designs.

Whether you are looking for a traditional design or seeking to bring your sleek, modern vision to life, we create quality kitchen and bathroom designs that are simply ideal for you.

Interior Design

Not only do our interior design services aim to maximise your spaces, they also emphasised and draw upon the functionality and practical uses of each zone. Our exceptional interior design process is epitomized by our eye for the tiniest yet most essential details that make a home a luxurious space to live in, entertain and impress.

We select the perfect finishing touches and furniture choices, including quality cabinets, island benches, lighting, fixtures and fittings.


At Sarandis, we specialise in transforming ordinary rooms into remarkable, awe-inspiring spaces with our unique renovations. From kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices, we turn your spaces into inspiring and extraordinary spaces in which to live. Our stylish and functional renovations bring your dreams to life.

Digital Visualisations

With our cutting-edge, powerful technology we bring you high-quality digital visualisations through which you can view digitised models of your vision and design with ease. Not only does the digitised version of your design give you an accurate and realistic representation of the end project, it also facilitates the process of making any changes to the design and enables you to move virtually around each space.

Drafting & Planning

Our experts are on hand to discuss the optimum layouts for each space and assist you with the spatial planning for your dream design. We create drafts of your ideal design, revising and perfecting your vision until we reach the optimum plan.

By considering the intended function of each zone, we will work with you to make your dream a reality with creative and perceptive touches.